FUNDRAISING SYSTEMS, Database Selection and Conversion Management

PROJECT: Assess needs of all fundraising programs and implement conversion and enhancements to fundraising systems including CRM, eCRM, credit card processing, constituent communication strategies, data management business rules, and donor appreciation efforts.

OBJECTIVE: Coordinate and build business processes consistent with fundraising strategies as they relate to donor cultivation, databases systems, data hygiene and synchronization between communication tools and data sources.

DELIVERABLE: Selection of vendors and tools most appropriate for existing and planned fundraising programs. Facilitate conversion from existing tools with primary focus on usability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, return on investment and innovation. Evaluate needs of evolving direct response, major gift, planned giving, foundation, and corporate programs and establish business rules for the automation of procedures and marketing strategies of these uniquely different programs and corollary constituencies. 


PROJECT: Assess monthly giving programs, systems, staffing structure, oosts and revenues.

OBJECTIVE: Audit existing sustainer programs systems' business model, donor segments, investments, business rules and staffing to ascertain if and how the organization could increase the program’s size and performance, and if so from which audiences and what would projected returns be.  Assess the potential impact an increased focus and investment in monthly giving would have on other existing programs, from a functional and financial perspective. 

DELIVERABLE: A comprehensive report which advised on the viability of growth, target audiences for expansion, cost and revenue scenarios based on level and timing of rollout, impediments to growth and implication of expansion on other internal/external resources, programs, donor groups and revenue streams. Also delivered performance and value reports, strategy assessments and recommendations with long-term performance, revenue and cost projections.


PROJECT: Assess digital marketing staffing, programs and tools.

OBJECTIVE: Provide recommendations for enhancement of digital marketing strategies, the museum’s current online presence, staffing, systems, tools and strategies which are likely to significantly upgrade constituent satisfaction, campaign performance and revenue generation.

DELIVERABLE: Written assessment of digital program's structure, value, limitations, and opportunities, with recommendations likely to elevate both efficiency and performance of future digital marketing effort. Provided staffing recommendations appropriate for robust digital marketing program and 5-year cost and revenue projections.