Alexander Strategies provides high-touch, in-depth fundraising assessments, counsel and support to non-profit organizations large and small. Our primary objective is to deliver truly strategic and cost-effective recommendations and hands-on support which are appropriate, actionable, clear, and measurable. 

We focus on helping organizations by stepping in during times of significant transition or crisis, providing interim leadership while long-term talent is secured, refining and optimizing fundraising systems, assessing and enhancing business models and business rules, and upgrading communication tools. Smart innovation and efficiency are the centerpiece of our services and recommendations. We believe the best fundraising programs are donor-centric, sophisticated, consistent with organizations’ resources and long-term goals, and include clear measures of success for the systems, tools, and individuals responsible for executing them.

We will help you to move beyond crises and overcome obstacles that are preventing your organization from realizing its full fundraising potential.

Marketing & Fundraising Systems Conversions

When time has come to upgrade donor databases, eCRMs, and other processing and donor service tools, Alexander Strategies will help to define needs, select the optimal solution, and make the transition.

Marketing & Fundraising Program Assessments & Analysis
As the fundraising landscape evolves and as donors become increasingly diligent in how they make their charitable investments, organizations must be nimble and omnipresent in how, when, and where they market themselves. 

Alexander Strategies can help your organization identify and market yourselves to optimal audiences in the most cost effective and productive ways. We will help you identify the on/offline channels most likely to ensure you meet your donor and revenue targets. We can assess the productivity and return on your various investments and offer recommendations for allocating resources in the directions most likely to yield best results that move you beyond stagnant revenue and donor counts that plague so many groups. 

Annual Budgeting & Forecasting
Budgeting is complex and a precise science. Organizations must understand their history and leverage existing data to inform projections for the future. Data are too often confusing, more often than not – messy, and most often, inaccessible. We can help to dive deep into your data and utilize your organization’s real benchmarks to inform your future targets.

Factoring in both your donors’ historical behaviors and your available resources, we will help you to craft budgets and long-range forecasts which are both realistic and forward-thinking. We will advise on your investments and where and how those might be realigned based both on your long-range goals and the ever-changing fundraising landscape. 

Interim Leadership
Unexpected departures of long-term staff and extraordinary unplanned growth can leave organizations without the leadership needed to keep fundraising programs running strong and can lead to missed opportunities. Alexander Strategies is here to step in and provide leadership and hands-on support during these transitional periods.

Our presence and leadership will allow your organization the space and time needed to identify the most qualified and capable staff without sacrificing productivity today. In addition to executing the day-to-day support needed to ensure budgets are not jeopardized, we will assist in the search for the right candidate based on your specific programs and needs.  

Staff & Vendor Searches
Often, organizational leaders understand that they need new and more skilled talent to execute the more sophisticated programs they strive for, but are unsure of what this process looks like and where to begin the search. 

Alexander Strategies can help you articulate what it is you are hoping to achieve and the skills you will need to realize those goals. We will create an optimal staffing and vendor structure and advise on the elements of your work are best outsourced and those that are most effectively realized with the right internal staff. 

We will help you evaluate your needs, craft the perfect job descriptions, and execute a search for the best talent.